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Respirator Operation

Clinical Indications:

    Transport of an intubated patient


    1. Confirm the placement of tube as per airway protocol.
    2. Ensure adequate oxygen delivery to the respirator device using the quick connect coupling.
    3. Preoxygenate the patient as much as possible with bag-valve mask.
    4. Remove BVM and attach tube to respiration device.
    5. Set the respiration value appropriately.
    6. Adjust respirator setting as clinically indicated.
    7. If any worsening of patient condition, decrease in oxygen saturation, or any question regarding the function of the respirator, remove the respirator and resume bag-valve mask ventilations.
    8. Document time, complications, and patient response on the patient care report (PCR).

Certification Requirements:

    Successfully complete an annual skill evaluation inclusive of the indications, contraindications,technique, and possible complications of the procedure.

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