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DNRO- Florida

Do-Not-Resuscitate Order in Florida

A Do-Not-Resuscitate Order (DNRO) is an order written by a physician and signed by the patient or patient’s healthcare surrogate that states, in the event of cardiac OR respiratory arrest, no resuscitation efforts shall be attempted. It is part of the prescribed medical treatment.

• Chapter 401, Florida Statutes
Clarifies the patient must be in respiratory or cardiac arrest in order to withhold or withdraw resuscitation.
Provides immunity from civil or criminal prosecution to EMS personnel for honoring a DNRO.
• Chapter 765, Florida Statutes
Provides authority to a surrogate, proxy, court-appointed guardian, or a durable power of attorney to authorize DNROs.
Allows a DNR order to be placed in medical chart by physician.

DNRO Form 1896

Signed by the competent patient, or the patient’s representative.
Signed by a physician.
On yellow paper, original or copy.
Previous versions are honored.
May be revoked orally or in writing at any time.
Should be displayed in a conspicuous place.
Must be presented to EMS personnel.

Patient Identification Device (wrist bands)
• Portability
• Can be detached, hole punched, laminated, and visibly displayed.
• Same validity as DNRO form
• Must be presented to EMS personnel

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