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Broslow Tape

To use the Broselow Tape effectively the child must be lying down. Use one hand to hold the red end of the tape so it is even with the child’s head. (Remember: “red to head”). While maintaining one hand on the red portion at the top of the child’s head, use your free hand to run the tape down the length of the child’s body until it is even with his/her heels (not toes). The tape that is level with the child’s heels will provide his/her approximate weight in kilograms and his/her color zone.

The following list identifies which color zones correlate with each estimated weight zone in kilograms (kgs) and pounds (lbs).
Color Estimated Weight(in kilograms) Estimated Weight(in pounds)

Grey 3-5 kgs--- 6-11 lbs
Pink 6-7 kgs--- 13-15 lbs
Red 8-9 kgs--- 17-20 lbs
Purple 10-11 kgs--- 22-24 lbs
Yellow 12-14 kgs--- 26-30 lbs
White 15-18 kgs--- 33-40 lbs
Blue 19-23kgs--- 41-50 lbs
Orange 24-29 kgs--- 53-64 lbs
Green 30-36 kgs--- 66-80 lbs

Manufacturer recommendation for how to use of the Broselow tape. Utilizing clinical judgment applied to each situation:

1.Measure child to identify weight/color zone.
2.If a child appears overweight consider utilizing one zone higher for dosing only.
3.Always use the tape measured length zone for equipment selection regardless of body habitus.

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