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Naso-pharyngeal Airway

Naso-pharyngeal Airway - NPA

1. Determine proper size of NPA to be used (measure from the nostril to the earlobe).

2. Lubricate with water soluble gel. (Hurricane spray or Lidocaine gel optional)

3. Position the patients head in neutral position, inspect the nose and use the larger nostril.

4. (optional) Spray nostril with neo- Synephrine.

5. Insert the naso-pharngeal tube with the bevel towards the septum.

6. Gently insert the tube until the flange is resting against the nostril.

7. Ventilate as needed with positive pressure device.

- A NPA should not be used in the presence of direct had trauma.
- If resistance is met while inserting the NPA use a twisting motion.

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