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Automated External Defibrillator (A.E.D)


AED of different types are widely available in different city and county location. The following are general guidelines for AED use.

1. Perform continuous CPR until AED is attached and ready to analyze.

2.Apply the AED pads to the chest following the manufacturers recommendations.

3. Activate and follow the AED prompts.

4. If AED advises to "shock" make sure EVERYONE is clear from touching patient by yelling "CLEAR".

5. Push the "shock" button to defibrillate the patient

6. Immediately resume chest compression.

7. Analyze per AED prompt after two (2) minutes of compression.

Note: Ocean Rescue may need to dry and clean sand off the patient prior to adhering AED pads. The Ocean Rescue pads may not connect with LP15. When transferring patient care, new pads will need to be applied.

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