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Oropharyngeal Insertion (OPA)

Oropharyngeal Insertion (OPA)

1) Determine the proper size of the OPA. Measure from the corner of the mouth to the earlobe.

2) Open patients mouth using a bite stick or a tongue/jaw-lift maneuver.

3) Insert the OPA with the tip toward the side of the mouth.
- Prior to complete insertion, rotate the opa 90 degrees so the flange rest on the lips.
- If the patient has an intact gag reflex remove the OPA, suction as needed and insert a NPA if needed.

4) Ventilate with positive pressure device.

Note: An OPA should be used for a unconscious patient who does not have a gag reflex. It should help keep the tongue from blocking the airway. If a patient accepts an OPA and advanced airway should be considered by the Paramedic.

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