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Auto Pulse

The patient's head, shoulders and upper back lay upon the base unit, with the controls for the AutoPulse beside the patient's left ear. (It can be augmented for cervical spinal support).

The unit contains the control computer, the rechargeable battery, and the motors that operate the LifeBand. The LifeBand is an adjustable strap that covers the entire rib cage. When the patient (who must be disrobed) is strapped in and the start button is pressed, the LifeBand pulls tight around the chest, determines the patient's chest size and resistance, and proceeds to rhythmically constrict the entire rib cage, pumping the heart at a rate of 80 compressions per minute. The LifeBand can be placed over defibrillation pads but must be temporarily loosened to use standard paddle defibrillators and repositioned after the shock has been delivered.

The LifeBand is disposable, and designed to be used on a single patient for sanitary reasons.

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