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Complications of Labor

Breech Birth

    Do not pull on the newborn.

    Allow the delivery to proceed normally, supporting the newborn with the palm of your hand and arm, allowing the head to deliver if possible.

    If possible and safe, position mother at the edge of a firm bed. Ask her to hold her legs in a flexed position.

    If the head does not deliver within 3 minutes, place gloved hand into the vagina with your palm towards the newborns face. Form a V with your index finger on either side of the newborn's nose and push the vaginal wall away from the newborn's face to create an airspace for the newborn until the head is delivered. Suction PRN.

    Transport immediately, while maintaining the airspace for the newborn.

Limb Presentation

    Place mother in knee- chest , or supine with pillows under buttocks.

    Do not touch or move the limb as to not stimulate the newborn to breath

    Advise hospital to have a delivery team standing by upon arrival.

    Transport immediately

Shoulder Dystocia

    Do not pull on head.

    Have mother drop her buttocks off the end of the bed and flex her thighs upward to facilitate delivery

    Apply firm pressure with an open hand immediately above the syphysis pubis.

    Transport immediately.

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