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Using the ResQPOD
—on a Facemask

1. Connect the ResQPOD to the facemask.
2. Open the airway. Establishand maintain a tight
face seal with the mask throughout chest compressions
3. Connect the ventilation source to the ResQPOD
4. Perform CPR at the recommended compression-toventilation ratio (30:2).
5. Use on patients 8 years old and up. Cuffed tubes only.

Using the ResQPOD
—on an ET Tube

1. Confirm ET tube placement and secure it with a commercial tube restraint.
2. Connect the ResQPOD to the ET tube.
3. Connect the ventilation source to the ResQPOD.
4. Perform continuous chest compressions (100/min).
5. Remove the clear tab and turn on the timing assist lights. Ventilate asynchronously at the timing light
flash rate of 10/min.
6. Administer ET meds directly into the ET tube.
7. Place ETCO2 detector between the
ResQPOD and the ventilation source ASAP.>

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