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Nebulizer Inhalation Therapy


    1. Gather the necessary equipment.
    2. Assemble the nebulizer kit.
    3. Instill the appropriate medication as per protocol into the reservoir well of the nebulizer.
    4. Connect the nebulizer device to oxygen at 4 - 6 liters per minute or adequate flow to produce a steady, visible mist.
    5. Instruct the patient to inhale normally through the mouthpiece or facemask of the nebulizer.
    6. The treatment should last until the solution is depleted. Tapping the reservoir well near the end of the treatment will assist in utilizing all of the solution.
    7. Monitor the patient for medication effects. This should include the patient's assessment of his/her response to the treatment and reassessment of vital signs, ECG, and breath sounds.
    8. Document the treatment, dose, and route on the patient care report (PCR).

Certification Requirements:

    Successfully complete an annual skill evaluation inclusive of the indications, contraindications, technique, and possible complications of the procedure.

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