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MAST Trousers

MAST (military anti-shock trousers)

MAST trousers are a medical device that was initially designed to provide auto transfusion by compression of the abdomen and lower extremities.
Since it development there has been little evidence to support claims that this device actually auto transfused or improved mortality in patients suffering from hypovalemia.
Improvement in blood pressure is thought to be secondary to increased peripheral vascular resistance.
Evidence based medicine does demonstrate two areas of benefit:

1. The control of internal and external bleeding in areas which are covered by the garment.
2. To support and stabilize fractures of the pelvic girdle and lower extremities

Indication for use
a. Stabilization of the pelvis
b. Stabilization of lower extremity fractures
c. Compression of external bleeding
d. Intra-abdominal bleeding
e. Ruptured AAA
f. Spinal shock

a. CHF or Pulmonary edema
b. Cardiogenic shocks
c. Pregnancy
d. Head trauma

a. Lower extremity compartment syndrome
b. Diaphragmatic hernia
c. Pulmonary edema
Method of application

1. Assess patient thoroughly to identify all wounds and rule out PULMONARY EDEMA

2. Remove or cutaway clothing

3. Apply and size trousers to fit the patient
ensuring the waist section is inferior to the 12th rib
4. Attach the tubing to the male connectors on the trousers and
begin inflation.

5. Inflate the leg sections first followed by the abdominal section

6. Inflate all section until the Velcro cracks and air exhaust from the pop off valves.

7. Close all valves keeping the foot pump attached

8. Reassess vital signs and lung sounds

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