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Blind Insertion Airway Device (BIAD)

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Clinical Indications for Blind Insertion Airway Device (BIAD) Use:
1. Inability to adequately ventilate a patient with a Bag Valve Mask or for longer EMS transport distances that require a more advanced airway.
2. Appropriate intubation is difficult or impossible due to patient access or difficult airway anatomy.
3. Inability to secure an endotracheal tube in a patient who does not have a gag reflex where at least one failed intubation attempt has occurred.
4. Patient must be unconscious.

Size: King LTS-D
Green (size 2): 12-25kg - 25-35ml inflation volume
Orange (size 2.5): 25-35kg - 30-40ml inflation volume
Yellow (size 3): 4-5 feet tall - 40-55ml inflation volume
Red (size 4): 5-6 feet tall - 40-55ml inflation volume
Purple (size 5) >6 feet tall - 60-80ml inflation volume

Refer to manufacturer instructions (PDF attached above).

Competency Based Skill Requirements:
Maintain knowledge of the indications, contraindications, technique, and possible complications of the procedure. Assessment of this knowledge may be accomplished via quality assurance mechanisms, classroom demonstrations, skills stations, or other mechanisms as deemed appropriate by the local EMS System. Assessment should include direct observation at least once per certification cycle.

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